Are you a cricket coach or run a cricket team? Welcome to a new way of doing things.

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Let’s explain why Teamer could be a great help for tackling the cricket team admin. A simple solution to who’s available, picking your XI and collecting fees.

Managing a cricket club typically takes up lots of spare time for volunteers, so anything that speeds up the process should be worth a look.

With the Teamer app, cricketers and parents can see future matches, your team can chat about the last-ball win over your local rivals or buy tickets to a cricket dinner.

It can be used by anyone involved in running cricket events. Community cricket coaches could use Teamer to share masterclasses or summer camps, keeping everyone connected.

Teamer offers a quick way for cricket clubs or casual teams to stay updated and do the repetitive jobs faster. Let’s show you how…

Getting started

  • Create an account and set up your team (via the Teamer website or using your own Teamer cricket app)

  • Schedule cricket events and share them

  • See your cricket team availability in one place

  • Take payments securely online.

Create your team and invite your players

Once you have a Teamer account, the next step is to create your team. This won’t take the cricket coach or team manager long; they can add a team name, team crest and team photo.

  • The team manager invites all of the cricketers via email

  • They can set up their own Teamer accounts and profiles

Each cricketer’s profile can be personalised; they can add a photo, a bio and favourite international star for inspiration.

The cricket team manager can include private comments on each page. Members will all be visible on the member section of your Teamer page.

Who else can you invite?

As well as your cricketers, you can also ask others to use Teamer.

This might be cricket coaches, parents, helpers or supporters who want to stay in the know.

As the team manager, you can choose the status of other team members and adjust their account privileges as required.

So, you might grant access to a volunteer to oversee the payments or social events.

Cricket fixtures and events

Cricket fixtures can be set up and shared via the events page. You can publish training sessions, matches, tournaments or socials.

  • Create event page with location and time
  • Can be recurring for training
  • Notify team members
  • Automatic reminders
  • Collect payments

In just a few taps on the Teamer app, organise a Dynamos session or seniors slip catching with everything listed on the activity screen.

Tell your cricketers about your National Village Cup tie and everyone gets an email, text or app notification, depending on their settings.

The events page lists the events coming up, and there is also a calendar view so you can clearly see the dates of games.

You can connect the team calendar to your personal Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar, and all future Teamer events will automatically be synchronised!

Availability and selection

The calendar view makes it simple for cricketers or parents to share their availability.

They can select a certain day and drag across for however many days they are not available, and those days will become red on their calendar.

This information will show on the team manager’s calendar, and the cricketers will automatically be marked as unavailable for any events across that period.

On an individual event page, the manager has the opportunity to select the lineup and put players on standby.

Each cricketer can then accept or decline, and organisers don’t have to chase anyone down at late notice.


View attendance for your cricket team across a season. No more guessing. Make smart decisions on selection based on the Teamer app.

The attendance page shows a chart of all the recent statistics - the cricket events and who was able to attend. You can even see a past record for a player too for a broader picture.

Collect and manage weekly payments

Great news - forget counting cash or visits to the bank. With Teamer, you can move all of your payments online, saving volunteers hours and knowing which cricketer has paid and when.

Setting up your team with Teamer payments takes minutes:

  • Create a merchant account with our partner Stripe

  • Start collecting payments

  • Collect membership fees (choose frequency)

  • Request event fees for any listed in the calendar

  • One-off payments (socials or charity events)

  • See who’s paid instantly

If you’re organising cricket events, doing it with Teamer will make such a difference. A current dashboard to get the full picture.

Getting paid direct to your bank account also has to be the way to go.

Upload photos, videos and documents

Your Teamer page has a gallery section, where anyone can upload photos and videos to share with team members.

You could share a photo of some new cricket equipment purchased for the team, or the cricket ground where the next match is taking place.

The media can be viewed by everyone in the team, and they can leave comments as well.

Teamer also comes equipped with a dedicated page for documents. Anyone can upload a document securely that will be seen by all the team members.

There is the option to notify team members whenever you upload a photo, video or document.

Chat with teammates

Sometimes you want to get a message out to all your team members as quickly as possible. Or just want to have a conversation online with other cricketers.

A team Whatsapp group is just another platform to have to use.Likewise, forget confusing email threads or scrolling through texts, use your teamtalk section to share any essential updates.

That way, it’s all in the same place for everyone to refer to, along with the cricket events. You can send messages that will be seen by all team members, whether players, parents or volunteers.

Everyone can opt into your preferred mode of communication - email and notifications via the Teamer mobile app. All email and app notifications are free.

Discuss cricket stats and lead performers

All event pages have a section for cricketers to leave comments, and there is a report section for the team manager as well.

Your cricket team-mates can comment to congratulate a five-wicket haul or first fifty of the season.

The manager can write a report afterwards, giving all of the performances and what to look forward to next.

Who is Teamer used by?

Teamer’s popularity comes from being useful for different roles within teams, clubs and community groups.

Why is Teamer great for cricket coaches?

Coaches and team managers can organise training effortlessly. Know who is attending training, who can play future cricket matches and who has paid their subs!

Why is Teamer great for captains?

The usual admin of running a cricket team can be shared with Teamer. Captains can enjoy all of the same team admin features.

The team creator can assign a co-organiser with admin privileges to do all kinds of things.

Captains can notify team members about an upcoming cricket tournament, write match reports, invite new members and much more.

Teamer for your junior section

How you use Teamer might vary based on your team and the age group involved.

Junior cricket teams or junior sections can benefit from the cricket club features on Teamer. If the kids are too young to be using the app themselves, you can get the parents involved on Teamer to keep in touch about fixtures and payments.

You can add team member profiles for everyone involved with the team - so supporters will know when to go and watch the games, and social members won’t miss out on pub trips!

Part of a bigger club? You need Pitchero!

Are you a member of a cricket club with more than one team? Pitchero could be a fantastic solution to support you in future.

While Teamer is aimed at a single team, Pitchero offers a comprehensive package to run multiple teams.

Pitchero integrates with the ECB’s Play-Cricket so league fixtures, tables and scorecards show on Pitchero websites within 24 hours.

With Pitchero, your cricket club can have an impressive club website, 5-star mobile apps and lots of ways to bring in revenue!

Key benefits:

  • Register members with custom forms
  • Play-Cricket fixtures, results and league tables
  • Sell products like memberships
  • Hire out facilities with Bookteq
  • Player availability & team selection

Boost your cricket club and support your volunteers with time-saving shortcuts.

Explore Pitchero today with this 30-day free trial for your club.

How much does Teamer cost?

Teamer is completely FREE to set up, and the app is free to download on Android or iOS.There is a small payment processing fee of 2.9% + 20p per transaction in the UK.

Transform the way your cricket team is run

If Teamer sounds like the ideal solution for your cricketing needs, that’s because it is! If you want to save time and plan ahead, why not try Teamer today?

How much does it cost?

Teamer is FREE to download. All team management features are FREE to use, but we charge a small transaction fee if you collect a payment.


Teamer is a free, easy-to-use mobile app;

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